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Through our experience with incorporation we help you set up your company in a range of beneficial international locations, with all of the necessary requirements. The incorporation process is completed in three steps.

Incorporation in 3 steps

Request order

Select a package together with its complementary services, fill in the necessary details and submit the order.

Details clear

Details go through a rigorously confidential compliance check. Once the details have been cleared you will be prompted to pay for your order.


Once incorporation is completed the documents will be shipped to any destination worldwide at your request. They can also be collected personally.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China, a well-established financial center and a former British Colony. International businesses in Hong Kong can often enjoy a safe and tax-free harbor.
  • It adopts a territorial tax system on companies, with a 0% tax on foreign business.
  • Corporate tax rates on profits made in Hong Kong is 16.5% while the OECD average is 24.77%.

Ltd. Company



Macau is a former Portuguese colony and now a Special Administrative Region of China. With a low taxation rate system and sustained economic development, Macau has become one of the freest and most open economies in the world for global trading and investment.
  • Unlike Hong Kong, there’s no territorial taxation system, and therefore, worldwide income may be subject to tax.
  • However, companies can be fully tax exempt if they do not operate in MOP (Macau Pataca), if they do not target Macanese persons, or if they do not focus on other Macanese companies.
  • By law, companies are exempt from tax on the first 200,000 MOP, or roughly $25,000 USD, and the next 100,000 MOP are taxed at 9%.
  • Remaining income is taxed at 12%.

Ltd. Company



China has an internal market of 1.3 billion customers and the biggest manufacturing ecosystem in the world. There are three different business structures on offer, each with their own benefits:
  • Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises are a common investment vehicle for businesses based in mainland China, where entrepreneurs can maintain control over their business strategies. For WFOEs in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, there are lower tariffs and circulation taxes.
  • Alternatively, representative offices are often the first step businesses take to establish a presence in the Chinese market, as they are easy to set up and have no capital requirements.
  • In a Joint Venture, Chinese and foreign investors can cooperate to invest in a company that they have set up. A Joint Venture can effectively use the advantages of local enterprises.

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)


Representative Office (RO)


Joint Venture (JV)



Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean and consists of 115 islands. Seychelles offers control over financial assets and two incorporation systems: International Business Company (IBC) and Special License Company (CSL).
  • IBCs in Seychelles operate under a no-tax system for profits and income. Moreover, there is no stamp duty on transfers of property and incorporation time can be as quick as 24 hours.
  • CSLs offer a unique low-tax system, with tax rates of 1.5% on worldwide income and access to Seychelles’ increasing network of double taxation avoidance agreements.

International Business Company (IBC)


Special License Company (CSL)


News about us

Best Portuguese Overseas Businessman Nomination

On the 11th June 2015, Soulfato Group CEO, Nuno Batista, was one of the finalist for the ‘Best Portuguese Overseas Businessman 2014’ in a ceremony presided over by the President of Portugal, H.E. Cavaco Silva.


nominee director

When setting up your business in an international location, a nominee director is provided, which will ensure that any personal information on the director is kept confidential from the public archives of the Companies Registry. This will allow the true director to maintain control over business activities, managerial endeavors and bank accounts. The nominee director’s role is restricted to that within the incorporated company.

nominee shareholder

A nominee shareholder represents the true shareholder of the company and can be used for security reasons to protect the personal information of the actual shareholder. A contracted nominee shareholder can disclose necessary information, such as ID and passport numbers, without the actual shareholder having to share it.

fapiao printing

A fapiao in China is an official invoice, which not only records transactions, but also monitors any value added tax (VAT) payable on a transaction. By law, a fapiao should always be provided on request. We offer official fapiao printing services for this requirement.

payroll service

We provide payroll services complying with the laws and regulations outlining payrolls in your incorporation’s location, in order to help alleviate the pressure caused by complex payroll legislation.

visa service

Our Visa service can help foreigners obtain their Visa to work legally in China, and offers administration assistance.



Soulfato Corporation can help you to perform numerous accounting tasks that are fundamental in the operation of your incorporation. These include generating professional financial reports, as well as establishing and maintaining a bookkeeping system for taxation reasons. These are mandatory services, which we offer at all of our incorporation locations.


In the case of Hong Kong, an independent Certified Public Accountant (CPA) must be hired, and accounts are to be submitted to the Inland Revenue Department. Similarly, in China, an annual audit must be conducted by a CPA. We can provide companies with an independent CPA to fulfil this role.

Tax Annual Return

We can prepare all the necessary documents and requirements for annual tax returns, including optimization recommendations consisting of the best strategies to minimize your tax burden.

Registered Office Address

Some locations require a physical address for incorporation. By offering a minimal physical area, we can provide a solution for this requirement at minimal cost.

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